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Supers Inc. up for Free PDF Weekend


To celebrate Free PDF Weekend, HinterWelt Enterprises will be giving away Supers Inc. at their site. That's right, just head over the HinterWelt Store and sign up to get a complete Supers game!
Supers Inc is set in a near future where a cure has been found. However, it has side effects. The Genesis Serum opens the hidden corridors of the mind and with training developed by the military in the 1970s, these people can tap all manner of psychic powers ranging from telekinesis to casting energy bolts. The corporations were the first to capitalize on these individuals and it has grown from there. Corporate, government, or military, you will end up working for one if they have their way. Will you be master or pawn?
Supers Inc. is a modern role-playing game produced by HinterWelt Enterprises for use with Iridium Lite.


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