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Author Topic: FREE $25 of PDF products!  (Read 437 times)


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FREE $25 of PDF products!
« on: September 16, 2008, 03:57:04 AM »
MDC owners of the RPG Host Network are upgrading their entire network (200k monthly users) and consolidating many of its resources and features into one mega RPG social site called: RPG Life  ( )

Now, today is your lucky day as we have more FREE PDFs for you all!

+ People, Places, and Things 2: Living in a Fantasy World by Second Rat Games
+ F-210 Phoenix by Fat Dragon Games
+ Ave Molech - Journals - Volume 2 by Morbidgames
+ RDP: Blood Throne: The Survivor's Guide to the Age of Blood by Reality Deviant Publications

Over $25 worth of free products for simply trying out our newest site! will have just about everything you ever wanted in one place... EVERYTHING paper and pen RPG site (which is how RPG Host actually got started). Blogs, resource files, social groups/clubs, live chat, forums, top sites, reviews, images voting, original articles, podcasts, feed aggregator (with over 100 blogs & news filling it daily), banner exchange, classifieds, store & player locator, web directory, user polls and surveys, art gallery, online convention, and more!

Our software is just the best, most comprehensive, feature rich and our design is sleek and we use a WHITE background (my eyes my eyes)!

It is owned and run by industry professionals who have been around for years and has respect of the industry. The whole of RPG Host Network will be consolidating upon this new site with our already 200,000 monthly visitors and active forums.

Currently we have over 50 content producers committed to this new site/project.  Some producers of special note are:

+ Pewfell Volume 1 colorized comic (Exclusive) - by Chuck Whelon
+ Tunnels and Trolls content & blog - by Ken St. Andre
+ Theory and the design process articles - by White Wolf's Blogging Team
+ Living Knowledge Arcana - by Tyler Starke
+ The Escapist Podcast & Articles (Mirror) - by W J Walton
+ The Accidental Survivors (Mirror) - By Fraser Ronald
+ AtomicArray Podcast (Mirror) - By E P Healy
+ All Games Considered (Mirror) - By Mark Kinney
+ Regular Columnists - Jennifer Schoonover, Chuck Regan, M. J. Young, Matt Haley, Greg Holkan, Monica Valentinelli, Alan Williams, Mark O'Bannon, Daniel Ross, KalEl el Vigilante/Marcos Muñoz
+ Guest Artist Galleries - Adam Black (Talislanta), Jennifer Meyer, Brandon Clark (Dark Chamber), Melissa A Benson (Character Artist)
+ Guest Bloggers - Steve Ellis (Illustrator), Laura Witten (Retailer), Sean Patrick Fannon (Writer), Mike "Talien" Tresca (Talien's Tower Roundup)
+ Community Groups - Community 3e, CyberChat, The Keep, WebRPG, ePublishers

ALL THIS FOR FREE! No subscription or hosting charges. Just a great place to call home and try your hand at blogging.

Anyway, back to the FREE STUFF! All you have to do is REGISTER at the new site, click the link in the email you're set to validate you, then find 4 icons on the main pages of the site. Each icon leads you to another free product to download off of

RPG Life Staff
RPG Host Network
Minion Development Corp.



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« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2008, 12:28:28 AM »

We're finally over the startup hump with our new site and we have a lot to offer... A couple of initiative we're undertaking:

- We have installed over 3500 miniatures and more then 1400 maps for use with virtual table tops (VTT).

- We will support a special version of Screen Monkey VTT to rally our members into playing online regularly (with player locater and scheduler).

- Over 1600 product reviews have been posted.

- We give away $25 of free PDFs for registering and every post/comment earns you XP that you can spend to buy things from us.

- Archives with 2000 character sheets, 500+ resource files, and more.

- Webmaster promotion tools: topsites, banner exchange, web rings, web links directory.

If you know anyone willing to be our guest speaker for a night, we wish to host special guest chats in our chat room.

If anyone can at least link to us or mention us on their sites that would be great. We could in exchange get you some free impressions on our banner exchange.

Thanks again!