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Author Topic: Sinister Adventures Indulgences Wave 2 Now Available!  (Read 510 times)


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Sinister Adventures Indulgences Wave 2 Now Available!
« on: May 23, 2008, 03:35:12 AM »
Sinister Adventures, LLC, an adventure publisher dedicated to delivering the very finest RPG modules is pleased to announce the release of its second wave of INDULGENCES now available for download at

Indulgences Wave 2

Get all four of this month’s Indulgences in one bargain bundle.  Everything you need to kick off your Dark Vistas #1: Razor Coast campaign, or add bloody brine, the war arts of the Tulita, swampventure, and ghostly terror to any high seas campaign.  

Mysteries of the Razor Sea
by Nicolas Logue
14 page PDF adventure and supplement  

Unspeakable terrors and rancorous gods hold sway over the turbulent waves of the sea.  The Razor Coast swallows ships and souls by the thousand, and terrible secrets the oceans keep haunt the dreams of every salty mariner who plies their waves.  This PDF kicks off with The Tale of The Seabear, a 1st level adventure of survival horror aboard a mysterious ghost ship cursed by dark gods.  The Tale of the Seabear is the perfect opener for any campaign of mystery, horror and adventure on the high seas, and a great way to ensorcel your PCs into the murky evil of Dark Vistas #1: Razor Coast.  Besides, The Tale of the Seabear, this PDF also includes other mysteries of the Razor Sea, a series of encounters, adventure hooks and nasty surprises for any sea-faring campaign.  

Still Waters
by Richard Pett
16 page PDF adventure

Blacksink Marsh has always had an ill reputation.  The thorns that grow there are poisonous, beasts and changed things rove the waters, lurking in wait for foolish travelers, and the twisted descendants of an accursed tribe hunt beneath the dark canopy of black willow trees.  Explorers tell of strange crumbling buildings suddenly happened upon at dusk and vanishing with the last red rays of the sun, and gators who walk on two legs and drown men from a far with a mere glance.  Something has risen from the mire and walked clumsily onto the lands of men. This broken creature from a bygone age of slaughter, wants to praise its dead god the only way it knows how – by drowning the children of his enemies in a mournful temple sunk beneath the bog –  a stinking wet hell of weed, silt and slime where hungry things crawl and the dead refuse to lay buried.  Still Waters is a harrowing adventure into the mires of Blacksink marsh suitable for four to six 6th level PCs, and includes two new monsters.

Shrine of Frenzy
by Brendan Victorson and David Posener
14 page PDF adventure

A recent earthquake churned the waters and left them changed, the seas seem swelled with a frenzy not known in recent history. Strange rumors of a shrine risen from the depths of a forbidden cove put the Tulita tribes of the Razor on edge. Some say a sleeping god has woken and set its red gaze on the Razor once more. The sea whirls with serrated teeth and coarse fins, sharks circle by the thousand, as if something is calling these killers to the coastline.  A time of great slaughter is at hand.  Shrine of Frenzy is an aquatic dungeon crawl for four to six PCs of 7th level and features a new monster, the winning entry of the Create the Spawn of Dajobas contest.  

The Warrior’s Way
by Nicolas Logue
7 page PDF supplement

The Tulita of the Razor Coast were born where the fire meets the sea, and they possess both in their hearts...the burning power of their mother Pele, and the ancient changeless wisdom of the Great Eternal Ocean.  The warrior tradition of the Tulita is a mystery to most foreigners.  They wield no steel, scorn the foul-smelling smoke of gunpowder, and many carry no weapons but their bare hands, simple scrimshaw knives or koa wood clubs, and yet the few foreigners who have witnessed a Tulita’s hamala’kal, or heart of fire, knows just what these proud warriors are capable of.  The Warrior’s Way is evolved from a thousand years of warfare, self-cultivation, and quiet observance of the raw and unforgiving power of the Earth itself.  Those trained in its mysteries are no longer men or women; they become a force of nature instead.  This PDF supplement offers players and gamemasters alike a bevy of new combat options for their martial characters, including 12 new feats, alternate class features, new weapons, and a new basic attack option.

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