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Title: Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour | TRPG/3D Hybrid
Post by: FelixGamingX1 on December 01, 2021, 07:12:54 PM
S&Z, is a semi-apocalyptic tactical ops survival horror TRPG/3D game. Much of its influence comes from the current state of the world, and imagining a not too distant future where civilizations all over the globe have collapsed. Not only that, the modern aspects of the game allow its expansion to a broader audience. However, it still isn't recommended for everyone.

In comparison to Knights & Legends, which delivers an accurate dark fantasy medieval experience, Shotguns & Zombies allows the players to invent and explore new ideas without any boundaries. That means you're free to play in modern times or you can take it a step further into a post apocalyptic setting without drastically changing the game's rules.

Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour, focus in modern day weaponry, biowarfare, private military contractors (PMCs), and a constant grasp for power. E.g. you could invade another PMC's base in order to acquire weaponry and med kits. You could achieve that by using brute force, or taking a stealth approach. All of that while you dealing with the biological aspects of things, face the infected, experiment with human genomes, build your own PMC, expand ranks, customize weapons, etc.

With the exception of the 3D game, the tabletop rpg version requires two players minimum to work as intended, there's no limits to the size of the table. Play online with 10+ people should you wish, split then into different factions. The game focus in team work. Highlighting rankings, different pay rates, and much more.

To play it, it will require a small amount of prep first. The 3D game included is the fastest way to understand the vision and direction for the game. It could even be used to rank players depending how well they perform in the mission. The GM is responsible for putting the desired setting together, or he/she can continue from where the 3D game left off.

Like all of my games, Shotguns & Zombies: Zero Hour will require your full support in order to stand on its feet. You'll be able to purchase the game from where I get 100% of funds for your purchase.

Grab a copy, and support your favorite dev today!