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RPGPundit Buys RPGNet

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In a move that has shaken the RPG community RPGNet has been sold to Nisarg, aka The RPGPundit. The irascible gent has promised to revamp and revise RPGNet in ways as yet unanticipated by any sensible person. Mythusmage, Dominous Nox, and John Wick have been named administrators.

In related news RPGNet's Tangency forum has been outsourced to the Chinese government. They intend to use Tangency as a warning of the dangers of excessive license.

Said Nisarg in a recent interview, "I did what? Fuck, I must've been drunk on my ass. [mumbles to self] Guess I'll have to make the best of it. [Straightens up and glares at interviewer] There's gonna be a shit load of changes at RPGNet. Any admin or mod who acts like an ass is gonna get dogpiled from now on."

Rumors of the impending sale of ENWorld to Nisarg have been neither confirmed or denied at this time. Said RPGPundit, "Mythusmage has been warned about giving certain ENWorld parties excessive noogies."

update: Dominous Nox has permabanned Dominous Nox for making insulting and nonsensical posts and comments regarding Steve Jackson games. Said Dominous, "In my experience Dominous Nox is incapable of learning from his mistakes and contributes fuck all to RPGNet. Should this ever change he will be allowed back."

best april fool's EVAR!


David Johansen:
Sadly, not up there with making Curt a mod...

Joke gave me a smile tho. Had a rough day today.
Too bad its not true.

- Ed C.

It's April? Damn, time flies.


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