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Revisit Shady Gulch by way of Coyote Trail


Politically Incorrect Games (PIG) has released Shady Gulch Revisited, a town resource for Coyote Trail. Set in 1876, only a week after General Custer's defeat at Little Bighorn, Shady Gulch is a growing boomtown, like Deadwood and Lead, located deep in the Black Hills of the Dakota Territory. Settle in and get to know the residents--take the law into your own hands or even break it. Either way, you're in for an adventure.

Coyote Trail includes everything you need for thrilling Wild West adventures, yet does so in a tidy and light package optimized for download and printing. It can be used for one-shot adventures or as a foundation for your own campaign based on your favorite movie, television program, comic, or novel. Travel the dusty trails from boomtowns to native villages. Rustle cattle, rob banks, and terrorize towns. Of course, if law and justice is your thing, take on the role of sheriffs to protect towns, and drive off bandits and Indians. Then again, you could just gamble all your money away. Shady Gulch provides a base for player gangs and an adventure to introduce players to the town--the hard way.

Coyote Trail includes rules to create a variety of Wild West personalities, simple rules for fights and chases, two ready-to-play adventures, story ideas, reference sheets, and numerous character, horse, and wagon templates. Even Disposable Dice(tm) which can be printed, cut-out, and assembled. Like HardNova 2, Coyote Trail utilizes the genreDiversion i rules, providing intuitive and dynamic mechanics with 2 six-sided dice.

Coyote Trail, the Enhancement Pack, and Shady Gulch Revisited are now available at the Politically Incorrect Games online store. For more information, visit the Politically Incorrect Games website at


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