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Regulations Codex - OSR Adventures from Mithgarthr Entertainment


After tinkering with 5E for the last ~7 years, Mithgarthr Entertainment has decided to go back to its roots and focus on writing adventures and accessories for OSR-style games. As such, we're excited to announce our Regulations Codex line of products. These "RC" modules will be usable with any OSR system, but will be written with a certain enCyclopedia of Rules in mind.

This module gives a brief overview of the eponymous valley, details the town of Brink, and provides two beginner adventures for characters of levels 1-2. The Crimson Caverns is a classic, basic jaunt into kobold-infested caverns meant to help teach new players the basics of OSR-style gaming. This is followed by Fallsbarrow, a much more challenging adventure, in which the heroes are tasked by the local church to recover a relic from the nearby crypts in order to save the life of a beloved member of the community.

Check out reviews here, here, and here.

The Princess of Petals has been kidnapped!

During the annual Birthmonth celebration of Brightbloom the town of Brink is swarmed by giant wood spiders. The foul beasts attack no one, but they abscond with the maiden chosen to be this year’s festival princess. She must be saved, but the kidnapping goes much deeper than expected...

No reviews on this one yet, as it literally just went up today. But it's really good. I promise. My mom said I'm like, the best adventure guy, so there's that. Also, appearing in the adventure is a bit of amazing, amusing alliteration unlike anything appearing before. Or something along those lines. And honestly, a twist (or two) none of your players will see coming from even an inch away.


The previews on DriveThru let you read almost the entirety of both adventures, so you get a damn good idea of what the product's all about before you spend any money. Give 'em a look!

And coming soon...

The elves of Stonedurn Grove keep to themselves, so it was a surprise when a delegation came to the people of Southshore asking for help. Things must really be bad. An adventure for characters of levels 2-4.

Erm's Laughter has been stolen! Were the thieves trying to get rich, or do they have more nefarious schemes in mind? The fate of Karaccia is in jeopardy if the ancient relic isn't recovered. An adventure for characters of levels 3-5.


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