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Author Topic: Reality Deviant Publications to Publish Licensed Cthulhu Products for the True20 game system!  (Read 427 times)


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The contracts are signed in blood, the sacrifices have been made, and mighty Cthulhu has bestowed his blessings. Reality Deviant Publications is happy to announce we are the newest  Chaosium licensee!  RDP will focus on support of the True20 game system by bringing fans of all things Cthulhu outstanding game supplements which bring  H.P. Lovecraft’s deliciously maddening Mythos to life!

“I am so excited about this agreement with the fine people at Chaosium,” said David Jarvis, president of RDP. “I’ve always wanted the chance to write and develop gaming material based on H.P. Lovecraft’s works. To be officially allowed to add our own pages to his legacy is a privilege, one which we don’t take lightly. Fans of True20 and Call of Cthulhu won’t be dissapointed.”

"We look forward to seeing what visions Reality Deviant Publications  can share with  the greater Call of Cthulhu gaming community. Their enthusiasm is  certainly contagious! " Dustin Wright, Chaosium Games.

Over the course of 2008, Reality Deviant Publications will produce a number of  sourcebooks for the True20 game system. The first, “Shadows of Cthulhu” will introduce you to the True20 Cthulhu game and provide you with everything you need to get you started on your descent into madness! The only other book you’ll need is True20 Adventure Roleplaying, published by Green Ronin.

Shortly after the release of the Shadows of Cthulhu core book, Reality Deviant Publications plans to release three supplements describing specific Cthonic settings.  RDP will release one new supplement approximately every 2 months.

Terrible things lurk at the edges of civilization in the age of Shakespeare and the rise of English Puritanism. While this book contains some new options and suggestions for hero creation, it is primarily a guidebook for understanding the role of the  Cthulhu Mythos during this period. Did the Master of Revels close the playhouses because Kit Marlowe's final play drove people mad?  Is it really the Catholics that conspire to take over the crown, or are there more sinister forces involved? And what of the terrible rumors about the freak storms that drove the Spanish Armada into the sea? What really happened to the failed English colonies in the New World?

The origins of much of mankind's knowledge of the Cthulhu Mythos lies at the beginning of history, in the river valleys of Mesopotamia. This is a period when dreams mean something and demons openly walk the Earth. But this is also an age when many of the secrets known to man since the dawn of time are suppressed or transformed into man-made religions. It is the beginning of modern sanity. The people of this period still understand the power of the gods over them, but they have established a civilization and feel the first flush of power over nature and their oppressive deities. And they have Gilgamesh. This heroic figure, known as Sha nagba imuru, or the “one who saw all,” was proof that a man with enough knowledge could transcend the power of the gods.

When the stars are right, the earth will fall, but not without a fight! In an age when ancient secrets are no longer secret and gigantic elder beings have destroyed entire cities and killed millions on the evening news, mankind struggles to survive and stay sane. Civilization has completely collapsed in some parts of the world, and many major cities are deserted nuclear wastelands, testaments to how far leaders will go to stop the madness. But order still hangs by a thread in green zones patrolled by paranoid police forces. Special troops are equipped to identify and engage the unthinkable, then forget everything they did and saw. Scientists and scholars study the artifacts of the enemy in secret research facilities, always under the watchful eye of soldiers looking for any sign that they're “crossing over.” Only the very brave or truly insane travel the world at large.


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