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Radical High: A 1980s RPG


Cathode Ray:
Hi there.  I created my  first RPG game, Radical High, out of my love for the 1980s, a time I remember fondly.  Yet, I'd love to have a second chance to return and do it differently this time.  Now I do with an escape now and then into Radical High.

Not only did I rely on my vast knowledge of the decade in the development of the game, but I put extensive research into it as well to ensure an authentic eighties experience.

Radical High is available in print and PDF editions.  The digital editions are available in a bundle at

This bundle includes the first three modules: Radical High Core Rulebook, College-Bound Radical High, and Radical High: 1980s Slang Dictionary.  Or, just try out the Core Rulebook at

Print editions are $8 per module plus shipping, which begins at $4.  If you would like a print edition of the Core Rulebook or 1980s Slang Dictionary (College-Bound Radical High is coming soon...), send a private message or email me at!

Note: since this takes place in the 1980s, it's not politically correct.  Don't buy this if history makes you mad.

If personal RPG ads don't belong here, have an admin delete all this.  I'm still kind of new here.

Dan Davenport:
Hello, Cathode Ray! I run the Randomworlds RPG chatroom and hold Q&A sessions for game authors there. Would you be interested in coming by to discuss Radical High?

Past guests include Kenneth Hite, Robin D. Laws, Greg Stafford, Greg Stolze, Marc Miller, Jonathan Tweet, Margaret Weis, Mike Pondsmith, Ken St. Andre, and Mark Rein•Hagen.

This is a free service, although tips are welcome at Your Q&A will be promoted on my Facebook feed, at six Facebook groups -- nine if it is a Kickstarter -- and on three major RPG web forums (TheRPGSite, RPGPub, and Enworld). In addition, the log of the Q&A will be maintained on my blog.

Here's the schedule:

(The standard time slots are 7:30-9:30 p.m. Central, Monday-Thursday except where otherwise noted. However, I can sometimes manage to do a session at other times with enough notice, including times to accommodate guests from outside of the United States.)

Here's the shortcut to the chatroom:

Here's my blog, where I save the Q&A logs:

And here's the Q&A format:

I should also mention that game authors are always welcome to hang out with us and discuss their products, and we have quite a few authors who do so on a regular basis. A Q&A simply gives you the floor to yourself. :)

Cathode Ray:

--- Quote from: Dan Davenport on May 22, 2022, 04:53:59 PM ---Hello, Cathode Ray! I run the Randomworlds RPG chatroom and hold Q&A sessions for game authors there. Would you be interested in coming by to discuss Radical High?

--- End quote ---
Well, that's a flattering offer.  I want to first say a few things about myself.  I am not from an RPG-playing background!  In my teen years, I did some D&D, which I didn't like much, and then Star Frontiers and RuneQuest, which I enjoyed.  I'm actually from a background of wargaming, which I began playing in 1999.  The only RPG I play, besides my own, is Steve Jackson Games' The Fantasy Trip, which I began playing with the Legacy Edition in 2018.  But RPGs interest me, although I don't know most of the games people are talking about.  That much said, you name is very familiar to me, and I'd like to work something out.  I'd like some time first, though, to look at your site and examine your series.  I have children with autism and most of the time, it's hard to plan scheduled time, as my children can need my attention at any moment.  Also, I have slow internet, but if this is an audio show, I should be okay.

Long story short, I'm flattered, I'd love to do it.  I'd like to take time to check it out for now, which would be the best way for me to plan how to appear on your program should the offer stand!

EDIT: (Dan Davenport only:) If you'd like a complimentary copy of Radical High, send me a private message.

Thanks much!
Also if ANYONE has questions about my game, let me know.

Dan Davenport:
The offer definitely stands! Take your time!

As you'll see when looking over my site, this is done in a text chatroom, not over audio.

Please feel free to stop by the chatroom and check us out! :)


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