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Author Topic: [Palladium] New Sale: Fight the Darkness  (Read 65 times)


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[Palladium] New Sale: Fight the Darkness
« on: April 23, 2021, 07:17:32 PM »
 The following physical books are on sale. The SALE runs now thru April 28. Ends after midnight Wednesday, April 28, 2021. Note: All the same book titles above are also on sale from as PDF books. Enjoy.

Dead Reign® Sourcebook: Dark Places – Cat. No. 232 – hideous zombies, life in the sewers and along the rails, and more.
Dead Reign® Sourcebook: Endless Dead – Cat. No. 233 – even more strange and deadly zombies, 5 new O.C.C.s, military, etc.
Dead Reign® Sourcebook: In the Face of Death – Cat. No. 237 – life in the big city, crazy heroes, cults, 100+ adventure hooks and more.
Fantasy: Northern Hinterlands – Cat. No. 467 – 18 new monsters, Wild Lords, the Bizantium Shadow Coast colonies, barbarians and more.
Fantasy LOD-1: Chaos Lands – Cat. No. 468 – 200+ adventure hooks, 30+ creatures, the Great Rift and more.
Fantasy LOD-2: Eternal Torment – Cat. No. 469 – 15 different undead, 15 beasts of Chaos, Curses, the Darkest Heart, and 100+ adventure hooks.
Gramercy Island, HU2 Sourcebook – Cat. No. 518 – 98 super-villains, a super-max prison, 101 adventure hooks and more.
Powers Unlimited® Three, HU2 Sourcebook – Cat. No. 523 – Power up to fight evil; 133 super abilities and more.
Armageddon Unlimited – Cat. No. 527 – Demonic invasion of the Heroes Unlimited Earth. Stop Armageddon! Save the world!
Nightbane®: Nightlands Sourcebook – Cat. No. 732 – Nightlords, monsters, and the alternate Earth known as the Nightlands.
Nightbane®: Through the Glass Darkly Sourcebook – Cat. No. 733 – lots of dark magic and magic items, 3 full adventures and more.
Nightbane®: Dark Designs Sourcebook – Cat. No. 736 – 60 new Common Talents, 38 new Elite Talents, 18 Morphus tables, and more.
Rifts® Dark Conversions – Cat. No. 852 – 120+ creatures of darkness, Nightbane® conversions, Witchery, and more.
Rifts® World Book: Vampire Kingdoms – Cat. No. 802-E – Vampires, their abilities, combat, notable locations, Vampire Hunters & more.
Rifts® Vampire Sourcebook – Cat. No. 884 – Reid’s Rangers, vampire fighting equipment, TW weapons, Soulcraft, Yucatan and more.
Rifts® Game Master Guide – Cat. No. 845 – 500+ weapons, 250+ pieces of equipment, 180+ vehicles, 80+ suits of power armor, 50+ robots, maps, and more.
Rifts® China One – Cat. No. 857 – 30 monsters, curses, overview of China, the Yama Kings, and Hell on Earth.
Rifts® Dimension Book: Wormwood – Cat. No. 809 – There is no world setting more ominous and strange – though Rifts Earth could join it if they cannot stop the demon invasion (see Megaverse in Flames).
Rifts® Dimension Book: Skraypers – Cat. No. 830 – Superhumans battle to liberate an alien world from alien invaders.

Link for physical books:

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