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[Palladium] New! Exotic Weapons available now


NEW! Exotic Weapons – available now! 104 real world weapons from around the globe. Blow pipes, tiger claws, battle axes, chakram throwing rings, throwing sticks, African throwing irons, katar, kris, war clubs, swords, pole arms, lantern shields, whips, and more. New color cover. Compiled by Matthew Balent – 48 pages – $10.99 – Cat. No. 409 – available now.

Also take a look at the many other books in the weapons series. Weapons & Armor, Weapons & Castles, and Weapons & Assassins have each sold more than 100,000 copies and can be found in some libraries, and all the weapon books are excellent references for real world weapons. Weapons & Castles of the Orient is one of my faves, and The Compendium of Modern Weapons is one of Sean’s.

Weapons & Armour

Weapons & Castles

Weapons & Assassins

Weapons & Castles of the Orient

The Compendium of Modern Weapons


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