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[Novus] Novus 2e released!


Welcome to Novus 2e!

Taking Novus to the next level, Novus 2e is a skill based system with no levels or classes.

The basic mechanics are simple, roll 2d10, add mods and meet or beat the Target Number! But that is just the beginning! There are flourishes, such as exploding dice, the Novus Roll, and Fumbles. There are also a variety of ways that the dice, while still following the basic mechanics, can be interpreted!

Novus 2e includes:

* 7 Races - Includes Human (2 types), High Elves, Wood Elves, Orcs, Dwarves, Gnomes, and Dwelfs

* 5 Kindred templates - allows you to mix-n-match any 2 races allowing for both half-races and even quarter-racial mixes)

* 15 Cultures - Each gives a bit of background flavor and ranks in verious skills.

* 12 Taining Paths (3 each of 4 categories of character types)

* Casters (Cleric, Magician, Mystic)
* Fighters (Archer, Warder, Warrior)
* Adepts (Bounty Hunter, Rogue, Scout)
* Hybrids (Elemental Guard, Monk, Ranger)

* 27 Skills - The 27 skills are divided into 5 groups of related skills. Each skill can be a Base skill (used for all variations of the skill), Specialties (each Specialty is learned as a separate skill), or Proficieny (one of a group of related skills)

* 14 Special Skills - These are like skills except that they do not improve the way normal schools do.

* 99 Background Options - 24 Disadvantages & 75 Gifts; each helps make your character unique!

* 100 Combat Moves - The Basic Moves are free, the Advanced ones must be purchased. Combat Moves can affect many different aspects of combat, such as your skill bonus, how much damage is done, and some can even trigger Saving Throws from the targets to avoid special effects.

* 7 Combat Styles - These packages allow you to learn a number of Combat Moves at a discount, along with a few special abilities available only to practitioners of the style.

* 72 Spells - These are customizable spells, each having one or more Casting Options that may be chosen after your Casting Roll (yes, spell casting is a skill as well!). Plus we include 18 Cantrips (non-customizable) that may be learned.

* 31 Monsters - We have a variety included here in the core book, allowing for a wide variety of potential encounters!

To make a character you follow a few simply steps
    1) Select Race
    2) Select Culture
    3) Select Training Path
    4) Select Background Options
    5) Spend Character Points (on Kindred Templates, Skills, Combat Moves and Combat Styles, and Spells)
    6) Tally up and Tally ho!

If you like Novus, please visit to provide feedback on our forums. We would love to hear from you!

And it is available from DriveThru RPG -- -- also there is a free Character Creation Overview on DTRPG as well, to walk you through how to make a character!

And to top it off, we are releasing Novus 2e core rules under a Creative Commons license!

Great news.  I enjoyed the game the first go-round, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done with it.


--- Quote from: rkhigdon on January 24, 2022, 09:14:51 PM ---Great news.  I enjoyed the game the first go-round, so I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done with it.

--- End quote ---

On DriveThru RPG site, there is a free (pay what you want, but with recommended price set to zero) Character Creation Walk Thru

Libram Secundus #1 has race creation rules, including breakdown on how the core races were made and a couple of extra races. (and there is a free race creation worksheet available as well).

I am working on the final corrections (cause nobody ever catches everything, especially when you are basically a one man shop) before I submit it to set up the POD (print on demand) features  so you can buy a hardcopy if you want.

I am working on a quickstart adventure, and 2 additional products (Libram Arcanis (Book of Magic) & Libram Peritus (Book of Skills)) in the pipline along with my setting of Anwyn (you can read more about this, and see the maps I have already made on )

Can I assume we'll get a regular supply of Librum Secondus releases, similar to what you've done with RM and Novus 1e?  Lots of good content in those books.


--- Quote from: rkhigdon on January 26, 2022, 08:13:53 PM ---Can I assume we'll get a regular supply of Librum Secondus releases, similar to what you've done with RM and Novus 1e?  Lots of good content in those books.

--- End quote ---

Quite Possibly.

My next product (once I get the index done for the core book and get it so DTRPG can sell printed versions), is to release a Quickstart (set in the default setting of Anwyn) Adventure.

After that is Lirbam Arcanis (Book of the Arcane), which will include 11 Casters and 7 Hybrids (this is including the 5 in the core rules). They will include the 5 from the Core because I want all spell casters in one product and because the 3 casters from the core rules will have yet more spells as well).

I am also planning on releasing bits and pieces seperately as well (likely in the Librams) so that you can pick and choose what you want, and there is also the already combined product, with extra material as well...

I will do something similar for Fighters, Adepts, and non-spell using Hybrids, which will include additional Combat Moves, Styles, and even more weapons. It would also include some expansions on skills, such trading and craftsman rules, rules for herbcraft (which is different from the use of herbs in making Herbal Remedies, Elixers, and Potions. I am planning on calling it Libram Peritus (the Book of Skills)

I also need to do one for monsters as well....

And of Course the Anwyn setting itself....


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