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Ninja Burger 2nd Edition RPG


Mr. Christopher:
The second edition of the Nutties* award-winning Ninja Burger RPG has been completely revamped and rewritten, with an all-new game engine and all new ninja content.
* Over 100 pages of funny, fast-paced action, ideal for both one-shot "Beer & Pretzels" gaming as well as longer campaigns

* The PDQ system, a game engine designed for evocative simplicity, speed and flexibility in play, as seen in the award-winning Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Robot and Truth & Justice

* Fully-customizable character creation, with five suggested jobs for quick-play action. Be a Ninja Driver, Chef, Deliverator, or even a master of Ninja Magic!

* San Francisco - A complete city setting for all your Ninja Burger adventures

* An 8-page starting adventure, plus four 2-page mini-deliveriesYou can download a 6-page PDF preview here. [1.4 MB]
e23: Ninja Burger: The RPG 2nd Edition
*2002 Nutkinland RPG Award for "Real Ultimate Power."

Mr. Christopher:
Courtesy of the Wayback Machine, here's the full list of Nutkinland RPG award-winners from 2002:

The "Politically Incorrect" Award: F.A.T.A.L. (Fatal Games)

F.A.T.A.L. stands for "Fantasy Adventure To Adult Lechery", and how many other games could have charts and tables for Hymen Resistance? Need to know the sizes of your areola? This one's got it. Want a game that's politically correct? Look elsewhere -- We've got Retard Strength here!

The "Real Ultimate Power" Award: Ninja Burger: The RPG (aethereal FORGE / 9th Level Games)

Any game simple enough for us to play inebriated, in which getting your character sheet covered in grease and pretzel salt only heightens the experience, is already perfect by our standards. But the fact that the Ninja Burgers themselves are all-soy patties is what guaranteed a Nutty award!

The "I Could Have Been a Contender" Award: Chainmail (Wizards of the Coast)

They just had to go and give players a new set of skirmish rules, even though D&D already comes with perfectly good set of rules for small-scale combat. D&D players needed mass combat rules, not d20 Mordheim, but thanks to the suits at Wizards of the Coast that's exactly what we got.

The "No Brains for You" Award: Zombies!!! (Journeyman Press)

 Zombies!!! is a great game that sold very well, but US Playing Card Company eliminated their Journeyman Press division just a few days after Zombies!!! was released.

The "Math is Hard, Let's Go Shopping" Award: Hero System, Fifth Edition (Hero Games)

What else is there to say about this long awaited rulebook? Talk about disregard for the mathematically-challenged... This little chestnut contains more formulas than the baby aisle at Wal-Mart.

The "Most Overpriced Wargame Played by Kids Who Can't Even Be Bothered to Base-Coat Their Minis" Award: any Games Workshop wargame

Hey, we'd give these games a better award if we could afford to play them. Are you listening, Games Workshop?

The "Which Has More Versions, This Game or Gamma World?" Award: Traveller (Far Future Enterprises)

d20 Traveller, MegaTraveller, GURPS Traveller, Classic Traveller reprints... it's only a matter of time before we see Fudge Traveller out on the shelves, you mark our words.

The "Incredible Shrinking Software" Award: D&D Master Tools / D&D E-Tools (Wizards of the Coast)

Originally advertised in the 3E Player's Handbook, D&D Master Tools has gone from being an all-purpose program featuring 3D mapmaking tools, an editor to include your own Prestige Classes, monsters, treasures, magic items and so forth to just "E-Tools", a basic character generator. Gee, that was certainly worth the two-year wait.

The "Let's Hope We Can't Judge This Book By Its Cover" Award: Silver Age Sentinels (Guardians of Order)

The cover to Silver Age Sentinels (the Tri-Stat edition, mind you) is not only badly drawn and inaccurate, but it suggests all the role-playing excitement of standing around and waiting for the bus.


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