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New stuff for the CRUSADERS RPG - and it's free!


Greetings, true believers!

Legrand Games Studio proudly presents two new, free / pay-what-you-want products for the CRUSADERS RPG, right on the heels of its spectacular debut!

First, we have TWELVE HEROIC ARCHETYPES for the game - readymade, customizable classic templates, from Archer to Speedster, with gorgeous full-color art!

Also, be sure to check the first issue of CRUSADERS SHOWCASE, our official mini-webzine - 12 pages full of  superheroic goodness, including rules for superteam HQs, gadgets, one-on-one gaming, new character options... 'nuff said!

CRUSADERS now has its own dedicated forum!

The perfect place to discuss the game, ask questions, get news, etc.  'nuff said!


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