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New Star Wars Space Combat Miniatures Game?


Dan Sivils of Gaming Report says, "I did get a few of my usual contacts drop something on me today regarding new SW minis.

I have nothing official yet on this but these folks are usually dead on when it comes to News tips. Apparently, Wizards of the Coast is planning their new prepainted miniatures game this time around space ship combat due out early 2007. The official announcement won't be for a bit, but the hype will begin in earnest following the official news. The new game is to based on STAR WARS. This seems like a pretty logical with the positive growth Wizards has seen in the miniatures market. It will be one to watch for in the coming months. Wonder when the Death Star Colossal Figure will be unveiled..."

Is it ok to say "This thread is worthless without pics" when it's not about sex?
Unless you Really like Star Wars.


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