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New Release: Krowcon's Consortium of Cartographers


“I am going to twist every sconce in this hallway because I know that there’s a secret door around here somewhere!” 
Famous last words of “Galfeeriak the curious”, before meeting an untimely end, after plummeting into a triggered pit of spikes.
Do your Players need an excuse or monetary incentive to explore dungeons or other physical locations?  Maybe they would benefit from purchasing a pre-existing map of a sought out location?  Are they hopelessly ignorant of common traps and dungeon secrets, and could use a hint or two?  Krowcon’s Consortium of Cartographers is an RPG agnostic, magic item which offers Players a fun in-game mapping resource. 

•   Printable “scroll” for your Players, explaining how it works
•   System for your Players to get paid for exploring new areas
•   An option to purchase dungeon hints
•   6 printable burial mound maps Game Master and Player versions
•   Original art

Only $0.99

Even Pundit will love this one!  Who know's about Big Chungus  ;D

The Wolfhill Goblin

Wolfhill Entertainment wants to welcome some new customers, so our latest product Krowcon’s Consortium of Cartographers is for sale for under a dollar.  Customers get additional discounts all the time.  Come see why our customers love us. Click the link for your savings!


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