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Author Topic: MODERNIZED now offering cash for articles  (Read 4469 times)


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MODERNIZED now offering cash for articles
« on: March 12, 2006, 12:43:23 PM »
MODERNIZED, the free fan-made zine for modern, futuristic, and historical gaming in any game system, now offers $15 USD for articles.
From now (March 10th) until Friday, March 24th, MODERNIZED will be accepting article proposals at their email address ( These proposals should give a fair idea of what the article is about, what game system (if any) it is intended for, and should be 300 words at most. They will select from these proposals the articles that will appear in MODERNIZED, and will send notification of acceptance and article request emails by Monday, March 27th. Authors will have until Monday, April 10th to submit their completed 3000-word articles to MODERNIZED. Each author will then be paid (via PayPal or a more convenient method if one is necessary) the sum of $15 USD when MODERNIZED receives the article. Issue #4 is expected to be released Monday, April 24th, 2006.

Only one draft per author at this time.

About Articles
MODERNIZED articles should be roughly 3000 words in length. MODERNIZED covers gaming in modern, futuristic, and historical genres and supports any gaming system. Articles intended to be used with the d20 system will be released under the OGL; authors of d20 articles are expected to understand the implications of publishing an OGL work, adhering to the license and providing proper Section 15 citations with the finished article. d20 articles will be released as 100% OGC unless the author specifies otherwise in a proper Declaration of Open Content. Articles intended for other game systems must adhere to any appropriate licensing issues pertinent to that system; it is the author's responsibility to be aware of, and to make MODERNIZED aware of, any licensing issues relating to a particular article. MODERNIZED will not publish any article that violates any copyrights or trademarks.