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Myriad Possibilities for Old Kingdom Games


Old Kingdom Games is delighted to announce a tie-up with Sane Studios, creators of The Myriad Universal RPG System, Vanishing Point and the upcoming Golgotha. The arrangement will see a series of RPG supplements supporting the Myriad Universal RPG System released during 2007 by Old Kingdom Games.

The first releases, under the banner of 'Myriad Gems', will include the 'The Nightmare War' and 'Bronze Gods'. The Nightmare war is a near future sci-fi / horror setting exploring the lives of characters cursed with a nightmare fueled alien legacy their desperate battle for survival in a near future earth. Bronze Gods places characters deep in the heart of wild, barely explored islands surrounded by never-ending storms as they explore ancient ruins, discover remote tribes and work in the service of gods-made-real.

Chris Hill, owner of Old Kingdom Games said: "As a free download, Myriad is a popular choice for games masters and players looking for that little bit more and by using Myriad we easily convert and expand our current properties that include everything a games master or player will need".

Each release will be a complete role playing game detailing the setting, character options, games master information, campaign options, non player characters, equipment and much more. Additional material will be released at the Old Kingdom Games website for free to support each Myriad Gem.

Commenting on the announcement, Ashok Desai, owner of Sane Studios said "From the outset, we intended the Myriad Universal RPG as a modular, rules light option allowing games masters to develop custom systems to bring their game ideas to life - we specifically launched Myriad as a free download under the Creative Commons method to meet that objective. We feel with around 1,000 downloads already we've certainly succeeded. With OKG launching The Nightmare War and Bronze Gods using Myriad, we're looking forward not only to seeing material supporting gamers who already have Myriad, but to more players and games masters giving Myriad a try"

More information can be found at and

Myriad, the RPG toolkit can be downloaded free of charge from Sane Studios and an extended hardcopy version is also available.

The Nightmare War d20 System is currently available from Old Kingdom Games and Bronze Gods d20 System is due in April 2007.  


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