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Author Topic: Fantasy Flight Games announces plans for 2006.  (Read 1114 times)


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Fantasy Flight Games announces plans for 2006.
« on: March 14, 2006, 11:03:43 PM »
The announcement includes three products for the Midnight campaign setting:

Legends of Shadow   due out in April
Hand of Shadow        due in June
Destiny of Shadow    due in december

Also the Grimm RPG is slated for 2006.

Plans to release a collectible minis game based on the Mutant Chronicles revealed. The first set with starter sets and booster packs should hit stores in October.

Also included in the rant is are a large number of board games, including Starcraft, Tide of Iron, and Warrior Knights.

Also slated for release: Blue Moon City, Marvel Superheroes (the boardgame), new editions of Dakon and Cave Troll, as well as card expansions for the popular Arkham Horror & Game of Thrones board games.

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