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Author Topic: [LPJ Design] Deal of the Day: NeoExodus Chronicles: Eldritch Exodus (5E) at Driv  (Read 146 times)


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The Deal of the Day at DriveThruRPG today is NeoExodus Chronicles: Eldritch Exodus (5E). Here is information on this product:

Exodus boasts a turbulent history - from the rise of the Kaga to the defeat of the First Ones and the events of the Twilight War. From creation of the Imperial Alliance to the present crisis that threatens to tear that alliance apart. Great heroes and terrible villains drove its march, though even in hindsight the two are not always easily separated. Theirs were the titanic passions, the burning obsessions and base treacheries in which modern Exodus was forged and tempered. The world of Exodus Needs heroes…

Inside this sourcebook you will find for the NeoExodus campaign setting for 5E:

- Nearly 90 all new feats for the NeoExodus Campaign World including Arcane Crystal, Cannibalize, Information Network, Pain Focuses The Mind, Potion Guzzler,Terran Sorcery and  Wyrd Casting.

- Over 75 all new spells for the NeoExodus Campaign World including Babble Sphere, Bind Shapechanger, Brain Stroke, Drone Turrets, Hunter Seeker Drones, Pocket Army, Sensory Deprivation and Wall Of Silence.

- All new Armor, New Weapons, Food and Drinks, New Adventuring Equipment, Alchemical Substances and New Poisons.

- All new New Magic Items, New Weapon Properties and New Specific Weapons including Blackfrost Weapon Property, Calling Weapon Property, Everdeath Weapon Property, Prodigious Weapon Property, Arctic Spear and Scythe Of The Wood’s Heart.

- All new New Magic Ring and New Wondrous Items including Ring Of Death Ward, Godly Scrolls, Pebbles Of Flame, Skull Helmet Of Vigilance and Wyrd Charms

- Unique Magic Weapons And Items including Grasscutter, Ichor Sting, Mordant Wrath, Peace & Tranquility, Raindrop and Rampager’s Irons.

- All new Books And Tomes including Hymnal Of Sacred Flame, Libram Of Lunacy, Raiding The Sorcerer-king and Tome Of Sensation.

Available at here!!!