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[tl;dr: link to Adventure seeds section]

Not a great deal to report, and it's largely a format and layout issue with a bit of tidying-up and zapping of incongruities and infelicities. As a result of a recent feedback request over on RPGGeek, I've made two changes, to whit switching from one long column to two columns of matching length where there is less than a full page of text (forex the Foreword and Introduction sections). Secondly, I've made all subtopic preambles (forex Abilities explanation and Adventure seeds) one column rather than two.

Speaking of the adventure seeds, rather than simply directing folks to the entire doc as I've done previously, it occurred to me that I might get more buy-in by linking to the Adventure seeds section itself, since it offers a taste of both the game and the gameworld, and contains lists of themes, locations and character types, and detailed explanation of all the play modes. In fact I think this section could form the basis of a quickstart should I decide to produce one.

The core mechanic is 2d10 + ability mod + specialism and + or - difficulty and/or situational mods, along with Bounty, the in-game meta-currency, so once folks have got a handle on the setting (which is also baked into the character sheet), the rest should fall into place.

So, there you have it. Feel free to try to come up with a scenario based on one of them or on the setting elements as laid out in that section. And if anyone has any queries, hit me up either here or via PM.

Hm, seems I can't edit posts in this thread. Oh well, link to latest update here. Nothing major, just had a niggling feeling I was mixing up the terms player character (/PC), character and NPC, so I went in and checked, and sure enough I'd been using them all willy-nilly. Thank God for Find and Replace eh?   


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