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[Kickstarter] The Blood: Expansions


Falconian Productions:

Falconian Productions has just launched a new Kickstarter Campaign for The Blood, to fund new expansion material for it! It's running from November 14th to November 30th.

The Blood is an urban fantasy tabletop RPG with a unique take on vampires and magic in the modern era, wherein the undead are just one of many types of spellcasters. Most of the folklore about them, then, is drawn from an incomplete understanding of their unique relationship to the arcane.

You play as a vampire, an individual who's been killed and then subsequently brought back through the power of the Blood — an arcane, predatory force that can sustain an undead body through visceral supernatural energies. That same sorcerous power is where their archetypal abilities are drawn from.

We’re creating several supplements for The Blood, as well as a special edition of the Basic Rules:

* Drops of The Blood: Advanced Magic, a book with optional systems for magical styles, arcane projects, and a bevvy of player options. It's already written, and just needs editing, art, and layout.
* A book about the other strange creatures that vampires deal with night to night — Drops of The Blood: Sorcerous Rivals.
* The special edition will contain backer rewards, including extra NPCs, spells, and more. If you don’t already have them, the Basic Rules can be found for free on DrivethruRPG  and  itch.

Wow, this sounds cool. Vampirism as magic? That’s exactly what I’m was thinking about! Definitely going to check out the rules tonight

Falconian Productions:
Yep! Vampirism is itself a sort of semi-self-aware magical force in the game. Hope it fits what you're looking for.

Falconian Productions:
We're in the final 48 hours, so check it out now before it's too late!

You can also help us out by sharing our twitter post, if you want to be nice!


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