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Title: [Kickstarter] - Suzerain Legends - Bring The Hope. Be The Hero.
Post by: CM_Suzerain on September 23, 2020, 01:05:13 PM
In just over a weeks time the Suzerain Legends Kickstarter will be launching on October 4th!
 Based in the Savage Worlds ruleset Suzerain Legends is an easy to learn meta-setting with tons of tactical depth. Even for those more familiar with D&D 5e, its a great ruleset and setting to have for trying out something new. Fight against the evils of the universe across many realms both of mortals and gods, you’re the last hope of the universe.
 We will be releasing an in-depth digital book with:
 And thanks to detailed feedback from the TTRPG community we will aim to bring:
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 Bring The Hope, Be The Hero.