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The Troll, the Gnomes, and the rest of the team wish their new creation good luck:
The Lost Corridors Castlelock.

We are counting on you to support us, as you wish or as you can.
Make some noise, warn the prankster goblins or get involved in this new adventure in the Dungeons Factory.
And above all, we wish you a very happy new year.

Hello everyone.
We hope you had a good weekend.
On this third day of presence on Kickstarter, we would first of all like to thank all those who have signed up for their trust.
Thanks to them, we arrived at the goal we set.
But we still have a lot of days left and we will not really know the outcome of this adventure until January 31, 2022.
In the meantime we have something to do.
We have already worked to verify all the parts in STL format of all the packs.
All participants in the collector's offer will have a wide choice.

So in the meantime, we wish you a very good day and send a big thank you to all those who support us.
And we take this opportunity to tell all those who have not yet discovered castleLock that this new expansion is waiting for them.

For all those who wish to know more about the contents and the innovations of our first level of engagement, we invite you to visit our official site.
You will discover the rest of our special feature The Lost Corridors on Kickstarter.
This one is dedicated to Dungeons & Barrels, the basic pack.
Basic, but not basic, you will see!
And if you think you have already seen everything on our project page, we are announcing some surprises and novelties that will occur during the campaign.
Do not hesitate to visit us and send us your opinions, we are present here and everywhere on other social networks.

By the time we finish this part of the file, it seems that the first Stretch is indeed unlocked.
We thank all the participants for this great success.

Hello to you.

On this seventh day of The Lost Corridors - CastleLock presence on Kickstarter, we take stock of the state of our project to give you some new information.

The extension of The Lost Corridors, 3d decor tiles to print, continues its path and evolves at a very good pace.
We are happy and touched by the confidence and support of the participants and if the project is going well, it is mainly thanks to them and to the sites which relay us.

This is why we continue to communicate as regularly as possible on the forums, social networks and on our official website.

So, here we are exactly 7 days after the launch of our creation and our work schedule is up to date.

As we watched with joy the release of the first Stretch Goal, we have prepared some additional tiles in order to enrich the offer of this somewhat special but apparently eagerly awaited Set of the players.

Of course, we will know the outcome of this crowdfunding on January 31, but we have already almost finalized the tiles for the second Stretch Goal.
This one also fell this last week and some images are already available in the news of the project page.
We are also devoting a special file to the levels of the CastleLock offer on our site.

From Monday, we will begin the second week of this great adventure.

We again thank the participants for their support, but also this site on which we have been communicating on this subject for over a month.
Thank you for helping us to bring the project to life on your pages.

We wish you a pleasant week and while waiting for more news, the adventure continues.

Hello, hello!
All the info about the major update of our project is on:
Readable from the "News" tab.
Learn all about the new tiles, upgrades and bonuses of The Lost Corridors - Castlelock.


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