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The 3rd chapter of the "CastleLock" file is online on our site. To know everything about "Locks & Doors", second level of our new creation, currently on Kickstarter.


Good evening to you.
In just a few weeks, Castlelock fundraisers will print their first tiles.
They will then be able to start building their sets.
To guide those who are starting out and provide a little inspiration to all builders, we have published a small document to download for free on our site:

This first example offers an overview of all that can already be done with only the tiles of the base pack.
Imagine all that the other levels and the 160 tiles of our new extension will allow.


we are less than 48 hours from the end of our project: The Lost Corridors CastleLock... and we have had a great time.

But things are going fast and it's true that we haven't had time to see the days go by.
Some of you no doubt too, and quite a few subscribers who signed up for the pre-launch.

That's why we're coming back to you, two days before project funding closes, to let you know that we've added information about additions and bonuses to our new collection to the project page.

CastleLock is now a rich and diversified extension, both complementary to our first set of 3d decors to print but also perfectly usable alone for your games with figurines and tabletop role-playing games.

We hope you enjoy these improvements.

So, we dare to ask you again to make noise like Trolls, warn the Gnomes and tell all the sprites around you.

Another big thank you to the participants who have supported us so far and don't forget:
the adventure continues until the morning of Monday January 31st.

We have just put online the new chapter of our file dedicated to the Set "The Upstairs Room".

With this chapter, the presentation of CastleLock ends.
We took real pleasure in compiling this file around our new project and it was important for us to present this achievement to you in the best possible way and above all the state of mind in which it was designed.

We hope you will like our creations and that seems to be the case as we live in the last days of crowdfunding for the project.

We still send a big thank you to all those who support us and don't forget, for us and all of you...
the adventure continues (but must hurry) on:


Hello to all.
Our crowdfunding campaign for The Lost Corridors - CastleLock, our role-playing miniatures sets, is now over and quite successful.
We are very happy because the confidence of all the participants is a great victory for our small team in the South of France.

We would like to thank them for supporting us during this campaign.

Thanks to them, this project was able to be completed and they will finally be able to discover their pack, at home, under their 3d printers and their brushes.

We would also like to thank you on this forum for hosting our announcements for the past few weeks.

We would like to tell you that we will be able to breathe a little, but in reality, we will be back very soon.
A new collection of Steampunk-sf decor tiles is already in production and we are finalizing for this fall, no doubt, our new project for 2022, a complete game.
This one, powered by original rules made in Dungeons Factory, will allow you to play the basic rules with our dungeon tiles and the advanced rules like a role-playing game, with Game Master, screen, pizzas and all the necessary jets of dice.

But anyway, we will keep you informed throughout this Post-funding period.
See you soon and a big thank you to everyone (and to you, of course).


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