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Ironwood announces the full release of the FANTASY SAGAS PRODUCT LINE!


*Release Source: Ironwood Omnimedia Co. LLC.
Ironwood announces the full release of the FANTASY SAGAS PRODUCT LINE!
ORLANDO, FL—April 10, 2007— Ironwood Omnimedia Company (IOC) is proud to announce the full release of the Fantasy E-RPG System; Fantasy Sagas: Player’s Guidebook and The Game Master’s Lodestar. These two products are all the rules necessary for players to get started with the Fantasy Sagas Game.  It follows a release, nine months ago, of its free beta edition.
Sagas is a universal role-playing game (using the E-RPG System) designed so that players can interchange rules and settings seamlessly between the three rule sets: Fantasy, Modern, and Sci-Fi. Above all else, Sagas is a character-focused game. Players create and develop characters that are individuals with strengths, weaknesses, and skills that the players feel are appropriate for their character.
The release also marks the end of the initial launch for the Fantasy Sagas game line. While future Fantasy Sagas products are still in development, Ironwood has renewed their focus on the Modern Sagas product line for an intended summer release. The Fantasy Sagas titles previously forecasted and available now are:
The Fantasy Sagas Player’s Guidebook
The Fantasy Sagas is the first of a series of guidebooks created for the E-RPG system; an epic character driven, story-focused RPG. While many games exist that offer immersive and exciting worlds to play in, the creators of the E-RPG system believe that the stories always should have a focus on the driving characters in the drama. These are the characters created by the players of the game.  The first of three separate rulebooks for players The Fantasy Sagas is only the first genre to be released. Each of the subsequent books (Modern and Sci-Fi Sagas) will use the same rule-set and so are completely compatible with each other, allowing game styles to be mixed and matched in any way a player or Game Master can imagine. Players can play in worlds that use any of the special features of one game type with another without making any special adjustments. Imagine playing in a world of computers, guns, and magic!
The Game Master Lodestar
The Game Master Lodestar is the guidebook and game aid that gives GM’s the secrets to running exciting and dramatic games. The Lodestar is designed to work with all E-RPG games. Over 60 pages of tips and tricks, design elements, and tools for creating your own custom content. The Game Master Lodestar also shows you how to best integrate the three Sagas game settings together to create a truly unique game world.
The Fantasy Sagas Paradigm is a collection of 50 pre-created character archetypes designed for the E-RPG Fantasy Sagas game. Each character is fully developed and ready for play complete with all the character record sheets, equipment, skills, spells and power lists you need to get started quickly. Players and Game Masters can enjoy these characters as designed or use them as templates for creating new characters and NPC’s. New players will find it easy to jump into any game quickly while experienced players will find the new concepts a helpful guide to designing and modifying a diverse range of new characters. Game Masters can enjoy a thorough list of useful NPC’s ready for play at a moment’s notice.
The lands surrounding the trade cities of Damascus and Marcusgrad have only just found peace following a brutal series of wars. The Order of St. Nathaniel has begun a crusade to educate and rebuild society, beginning first with prodigies born into the commonwealth. These caravans travel the land under guard of hired mercenaries, adventurers, and sell-swords. When members of a growing militant group, calling themselves Legionnaires, attack one of these caravans, the monks agree to reward anyone with information regarding the attack. Soon the investigations unlock the secrets that hint to a separatist movement within the freedom fighting Legionnaires, a child slave ring, and a sadistic cult that preaches salvation through sadism and agonizing death. The true secrets lie in the mysterious orchestrator of these events and his lust for revenge through the fulfillment of his own prophecies.
The Journal Series
In addition to the initial release our product lineup was increased by 6 new titles in the new Journal Series. This is a collection of books for players and Game Masters to record the progress of their games. Players record their character growth and adventures in the Character Journal or their collection of spells in any one of the three Character Spell Books. Game Masters can record the progress of their campaigns in the Campaign Journal, which tracks character, NPC, and plot developments over the course of the game. Both Player’s and Game Masters will find the Campaign Atlas a useful tool for recording developments in towns and regions important to them. The Journal Series is available in soft-cover formats.  
All Ironwood products are available to preview and purchase at .  
Stay tuned to for further release information.
ABOUT Ironwood Omnimedia Company, LLC
Ironwood (IOM) was founded in 2006 to connect artists with diverse audiences through innovative, creative and broad avenues. We believe an artist’s talents and their ideas represent the best in all of us.  
Ironwood is the brainchild of Ruel Knudson and Willie Santana, it was created as a product development agency of sorts where artists could bring an idea and see it develop profitably through multiple avenues; in essence, representing the project.  
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