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Iron Gauntlets Companion Now Available


Now you can get even more out of Precis Intermedia's Iron Gauntlets  fantasy roleplaying game with the Iron Gauntlets Companion. New player races, backgrounds, vocations, and gimmicks are provided. Plus new options like skill flairs, convictions, and threads work together for further character development. Optional task and combat rules mixed with new social conflict rules and storytelling advice help you customize the gaming experience even more.

Order now for instant download or Pre-order the softcover (also includes instant download).

Iron Gauntlets is Precis Intermedia's fantasy roleplaying game designed with dynamic, easy to learn rules using multiple ten-sided dice. It is perfect for experienced roleplayers looking for efficient yet versatile rules or as an introduction to novice gamers by an experienced gamemaster. Iron Gauntlets' flexibility makes it the perfect choice when looking to match a custom setting to a system or even when you need a less-cumbersome system for an existing setting. And if you're looking for alternate ways of playing, add on the Active Exploits Special Edition softcover for diceless or 2d6 play. The Iron Gauntlets fantasy roleplaying game is available as a core PDF, Expanded PDF (with setting and OGL conversion notes), and Expanded Softcover.

Incorporating one of the first e-publishing RPG companies, Precis Intermedia (formerly Politically Incorrect Games) is known for its diverse line-up of clear and concise roleplaying games, as well as its commitment to developing new ways of working with downloadable content. Precis Intermedia's current game lines include HardNova 2, Coyote Trail, and EarthAD 2 for low-cost, ready-to-play entertainment; Iron Gauntlets for customizable heroic fantasy gaming; Active Exploits Diceless for universal diceless roleplaying with that familiar 'dice' feel; Two-Fisted Tales for thrilling pulp action; Story Engine for scene and adjective-based, collaborative roleplaying; and more. For more information, visit the Precis Intermedia web site.


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