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Guest (Deleted):
Tired of posting in a forum and being unable to find games in your area through the hundreds, and on busy forums THOUSANDS of gamer wanted ads?  Sick of seeing how many games are available in California when you live in New York?

Well, I have a treat for you - click the Gatherings tab above or the event finder link to the left

This system allows for you to enter your zip code and get all the games in the system within 5, 10, 50 or more miles away. You can also hunt up convention listings in the same manner or advertise informal gatherings.  Games can be searched for based on their genre, underlying system, or both.

Best of all, it's free - though it is empty at the moment. So what have you got to lose? Post your game today!!

(System currently only works with US addresses. Canandian support is being worked on at this time).

Mr. Christopher:
Can we search by hygiene?

Kind of sucks for us non-Americans.

Guest (Deleted):
The drupal community is working on other countries as we speak and adding them is a simple matter once the data becomes known.  At this time the Canadian and German db's about about half done.

A db needs to have the postal codes crossreferenced with their respective latitudes and longitudes for distance calculation.

Mr. Christopher:

--- Quote from: William G. Gruff ---Can we search by hygiene?
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Roudi ---Kind of sucks for us non-Americans.
--- End quote ---

There's unintentional comedy here.


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