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With the new year C. Demetrius Morgan returns to reel out a new review at We have a new review up this week on the DVD "Inhumanoid". This 1996 "incoherent mess shot on a super sized McDonald's lunch menu budget" is not without benefit to the GM looking for a sci-fi plot. C. Demetrius Morgan supplies us with an entertaining breakdown of how this "tasteless hasty pudding" can do some good in the world.

"This movie is an insufferably tedious Corman produced knock-off of Dead Calm set in space that has only one thing going for it, Corbin Bernsen. Alas even this esteemed actor realized half way through shooting what a steaming pile of crap he'd been conned into starring in and gave up."

For more on this movie and how to adapt it to your latest campaign visit HinterWelt's Reviews Page!

Glad to see Kester's back! :D



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