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Author Topic: Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace - Canada and Beyond  (Read 166 times)


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Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace - Canada and Beyond
« on: February 14, 2021, 01:29:18 PM »
The Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace is a Canadian focussed RPG marketplace. We sell both direct to consumers and to Canadian Friendly Local Game Stores. We sell both Print&PDF and PDF only. We pride ourselves on having beneficial policies for both publishers and local retailers.

From publishers, the Marketplace takes only a 10% cut which occurs after transaction processing fees, and any other discounts. This means that more funds go directly to our publishers. In addition to the above, we also provide publishers with assistance in cross-border fulfillment, which is particularly useful for USA based publishers looking to send product to their Canadian backers.

For retailers we provide a PDF guarantee for any physical books sold in your store to your customers, and we also have a “ship-to-store” option for our direct customers. Ship to store gives the customer a discount on shipping and gives the store a small credit. At the moment we allow our direct customer to designate any Canadian FLGS to receive a 5% affiliate bonus on any kind of sale on checkout.

We recently started recording “unboxing videos” that explore the various titles we carry:

My next post in this thread will highlight some of the titles on the marketplace, and I will aim to add to it regularly.

Questions welcome!

More Info for Publishers
Here are the basics of Selling on the Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace:
  • We sell Print & PDF, and PDF Only.
  • Any print sales are always bundled with a PDF. We have a PDF guarantee for all our customers.
  • Retailers received a 40% discount off MSRP. This applies before any other fees.
  • Print material is placed on consignment, and you are responsible for getting your books to us. (We do have a USA shipping address.)
  • CDG Marketplace takes only a 10% cut of all sales. This occurs after any other discounts or fees, transaction processing fees are ~3% + 30 cents.
  • Payments to our publishers are made quarterly.
  • All products are listed for you by our team.
  • Prices are set in Canadian funds ($CAD), but customers can checkout with other funds. Currency conversion is automatically calculated.
Sales Examples
  • A sale of a $10 PDF, would net a publisher $8.46
  • A sale of a $20 book to a customer would net the publisher $17.19
  • A sale of a $20 book to a retailer would net the publisher $10.20
Fulfillment Services:
We provide fulfillment services on Print books. This helps publishers with cross-border kickstarter fulfillment and ongoing direct sales within Canada. Reach out for more details.

Interested? Please contact us. Currently, we setup all your products for you!

More Info for Local Game Stores

Here at Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace, we love Friendly Local Game Stores, and we want to see you thrive. We are focussed on Canadian retailers, and primarily carry games from Canadian game designers and publishers.

Benefits of Joining the Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace as a Retailer:

  • Retailers get a 40% discount on all our books, with a $10 flat rate shipping (or better).
  • Get in hard to get titles without the hassle of cross-border shipping fees.
  • Anyone who buys a physical book from you can receive a complimentary PDF from us (or through Bits&Mortar).
  • Ship to store: We list you as a shipping option for our direct customers. Customers who order directly from us can choose to have the book(s) delivered directly to your store. When this happens you earn 10% on the sale as credit to get other books from us, and the customer receives discounted shipping.

Create an account and contact us, add we'll add you to the FLGS user group, or simply contact us and we'll set up the account for you. We'll also include you in our growing list of retailers

At the moment we allow our direct customer to designate any Canadian FLGS to receive a 5% affiliate bonus on any kind of sale.


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Re: Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace - Canada and Beyond
« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2021, 07:32:04 PM »
A few recent titles of note:
The Halls of Arden Vul, the largest OSR mega-dungeon ever, from Expeditious Retreat Press.
C$109 PDF 1120 pages + maps

Free Spacer, a sandbox starship RPG about the crew of a commissioned starship performing contracts, from Random Alien Games.
C$25 full colour PDF 354 pages

Palanquin, a one-shot RPG where players play either the Princess or one of the unusual figures who came together to escort her to safety, from Genesis of Legend Publishing.
C$12 print, C$7 PDF, 34 pages.

HeadCrushers is a simple RPG for when you just need to crush a head to show you mean business, from Sword’s Edge Publishing.
$C6.50 PDF 45 pages.

The Quite Year (revised burlap bag edition), a GMless map game about struggles of a post-apocalyptic community, from Buried Without Ceremony.
C$65 includes a bag, 40 page booklet, oversized card deck, six small dice, and 20 Contempt Tokens (shaped like weathered skulls) or C$10 for a PDF version

Choose Your Own FATE adventure books for some entertaining solo adventures from Chris Challice.
Pay what you want PDF.


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Re: Compose Dream Games RPG Marketplace - Canada and Beyond
« Reply #2 on: January 15, 2022, 01:24:35 PM »
New Canadian Publishers to the Marketplace in 2021:
Here’s a run down of new publishers and designers who joined the marketplace in 2021.

A Smouldering Lighthouse
Has released their first 2 games this year. Both are GMless story-games.
This Spells Trouble is a game about isolationist wizards making a mess of things when they go into the world, with a card for each of the spirits they can summon.
Faewater is a one-page dark fantasy game about underwater fairies and the mortals they prey on. Both are free with a tip the creator option.

Alicia Furness Publishing
Joined with 2 titles.
Camp Flying Moose, a powered by the Apocalypse game about a summer camp for teenage girls which probably has some monsters too.
 While in Identity you are a clone trying desperately to escape the corporation that created you. Identity uses the Wretched engine -- you use a jenga tower, and a deck of cards and 10 tokens, and it is geared for solo play (but rules for more players are included..)

Chris Challice Books
Chris has two free Choose Your Own Fate books, and a Troika based game born out of nostalgic love for old-school console adventure games Oroboros.
He’s also one of the designers of Pendelhaven’s Vanagard and their adventure Seith and Sword.

Random Alien Games
Creator of Free Spacer, a sandbox starship RPG, using their own “salvo” game engine. And yes, you can generate completely random aliens with this game. As well as random solar systems, planets and more.

Creators of an array of Runic Game System games where you resolve actions by drawing rune stones from a bag. Including Fate of the Norns: Ragnarok, Vanagard, and the newly released Children of Eiru (we’ll be getting that soon!).
All games are deeply mythologically based. Those looking to get there hands directly on the mythology are encourage to get their Illuminated Edda, and Celtic Cyclopedia, or even one of their Creatures of Fairy-Tale and Myth for mythlogically grounded takes on monsters.

Broken Things
Broken Things joined with their game Inspire, a GMless story-game where you play a spirit hoping to become a god. "The kind of spirit that may one day become a god. Those other people around the table with you? Maybe they’re going to end up being on the same pantheon as you. Someone needs to be at the top of this pecking order though. That’s what you’re going to find out as you shape the first generations of this community, each spirit trying to be the one who saves the day, and ultimately become the head of your pantheon."