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Title: Guildhall - The Consortium of Cartographers
Post by: wolfhillrpg on January 13, 2022, 06:11:43 PM
“Welcome to the Consortium of Cartographers Guildhall.  We are the foremost experts for all your mapping needs.  How may I assist you today?” 

The Consortium of Cartographers – Guildhall is a premade, ready to explore, 5 storey structure.  The guildhall can be added to any city, offering Player a location to purchase maps, cartographic supplies, etc.  Hidden locations and secrets fill the building, offering open ended adventure and discovery.  Come see how much $0.99 gets you!   

•   Unique building art and map
•   Player, Game Master, and full size printable versions of the maps.
•   A keyed version with 29 locations with descriptions of each room
•   Can be used as a stand-alone product or with “Krowcon’s Consortium of Cartographers”

Come check it out at

The Wolfhill Goblin