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Author Topic: First Edition Society opens a DTRPG page  (Read 18 times)


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First Edition Society opens a DTRPG page
« on: June 08, 2021, 06:38:59 PM »

Monsters of Myth and the original PDF release of OSRIC - which were previously only available on Lulu.  In response to user requests, the First Edition Society has opened a page on DrivethruRPG so fans of advanced gaming can keep these PDFs in their account there alongside their other RPG PDFs.

The PDFs are free!  If like most DMs, you’re constantly on the hunt for new monsters to throw at your players, and aren’t familiar with the top-notch entries penned by the likes of Matt Finch, Stuart Marshall, Tony Rosten, Trent Foster, Mark and Sean Ahmed, Bill Silvey and others - you owe it to yourself to see the horrors in store for your intrepid players!
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