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Author Topic: Fanzine with LION & DRAGON optional rules and gaming materials  (Read 45 times)


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Fanzine with LION & DRAGON optional rules and gaming materials
« on: February 20, 2021, 05:42:45 PM »
Hey guys

I'm a huge L&D fan and recently I've been collecting some of my favorite supplemental rules and gaming materials to share with other players and GMs. The file is on as a free/pwyw product. The material is directed to the Lion & Dragon / Dark Albion books but it can be used with pretty much any OSR game.

For the February/2021 update we have:

~ Sources of inspiration for medieval-authentic games: non-fiction books, movies, and series
~ Multiclass options for Lion & Dragon
~ Prestige class options, with the Dragonslayer Benefits Table and stats for three famous dragon slayers from movies and history.
~ Pre-generated characters with backstories to use as NPCs or reserve PCs for emergencies
~ Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller, and the Teutonic Order for Lion & Dragon (with stats for characters from the Knightfall TV show)
~ Adventure seeds and quick encounters to drop on any adventure

I plan on updating this file regularly, so any ideas, feedback, and suggestions are welcome. For the next update I'm planning on expanding the adventure seeds and writing profiles for medieval-authentic villains, starting with a famous knight who was a companion to Joan D'Arc... and a convicted serial killer.

Please notice that this is done by a single amateur author and updated as frequently as possible, based on public interest. Also, this title will remains always a free / pwyw, but if you consider it worth it and would like to support future updates and expansions, you can always go back to and contribute. All contributions are reinvested in the community (used to buy other independent author's works) and used to sponsor time off my 9-5 job to write.

Thank you all and happy gaming!