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[Epic RPG]Sample Guilds/Occupations on Epic RPG Site, Plus Other Goodies


Dark Matter Studios has added some delectable treats to the Epic RPG Designers' Blog, including seven sample guilds and occupations from the realm of Rullaea, including two new ones not listed in the Atlas of Eslin, Part I.  
The sample guilds are examples of the more than forty available in Rullaea, which in turn is just one of three continent-sized campaign settings available for use with the Epic RPG or other systems.  They can also be used in quick-start fashion to start gaming without a setting as soon as players get the Epic RPG Rules Manual open.

At the Epic RPG Forum, the updates of the actual play thread,Parthramus Family Circus, are ongoing.  The thread gives gamers the inside scoop on a continuing Epic campaign, with narrative and tactical examples of play.

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