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Author Topic: [Release] Wipeout of Reasons: Destroy one another in this solo & co-op journal  (Read 83 times)


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You can play Wipeout of Reasons in as little as  1/2-3 hours.  Unlike the a world building game, here you riped Kingdoms apart and watch as your force fall into ruins. The longer you stay with Wipeout of Reasons the your strong unyielding Kingdom will shrink while you destroy each other. Great for players of all ages.

The game is currently still in development and will receive updates for the premium colored version (WIP) and Pre-Made Factions (WIP).

WIPEOUT OF REASONS has support for solo, co-op, or versus tabletop roleplaying game about Kingdoms in the world destroying one another. It uses a standard 52-card deck. For 1+ players.

You play as a Super Power with a Kingdom and Force of great proportion and you will be battling it out with other peers for your own selfish goals.   

There is one thing no Super Power of the world can get away from.

And that’s war.

The only difference between a Super Power and an enemy is whether you’re on the winning or losing side.

So, if you’re a Super Power, you’ll always be a Super Power at war. No matter how much you try to hide it, no matter how much you pretend you’re not a Super Power, you’ll still be a Super Power,

And here you are again, building up your forces to face another powerful foe.

How would you fare this time around?

You will need:
A deck of 52 common playing cards (without Jokers)
A notebook (physical or digital)
A pen
Printed Worksheet or Digital (editable)
Optional: Printer to print the game.

What does the download come with?
[Full Game - Currently only BnW]
(WIP - Full Game with Gameart and more content - ability) - $4.99
(WIP - Premade Faction)