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Author Topic: Easily Create the Coins for Your Kingdoms with this PDF  (Read 104 times)


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Easily Create the Coins for Your Kingdoms with this PDF
« on: February 17, 2015, 04:45:35 PM »
Create the coins of your Kingdoms!  In the real world and in a realistic fantasy world, not all gold pieces are the same.  Some are bigger than others; some kingdoms won't honor another kingdom's currency; others will place a higher or lower value on a foreign coin.

This 2-page PDF makes it easy for you to show your players what the coins look like in their home Kingdom, adjacent areas, what the Kingdom's coins looked like years ago, or even what is different about the coins in the hoard they have just discovered.

Simply get the document, open it in PDF Reader, and turn layers on and off for each coin.  Three coins are on page one and three more are on page 2. Edit the text on the pages to give the page a title and name the coins.  Save it with a different file name for the name of the kingdom, timeframe, etc.  Repeat the process for each set of coins you wish to make.

There are two versions, both for download from DriveThru/RPGNow: A free version and the Expanded Edition.

Once you download it and open it with a current PDF reader, you should see a sidebar with a tree navigator.  Expand the plus symbols, then turn on and off layers by clicking the boxes.  Its as easy as that! You can also change the text on the page (the title and labels for the coins) to fit your fantasy world.  There are two pages with 3 coins each (front and back for each) which lets you have up to six coins in a group.  If you need more, just make extra copies of the PDF for each Kingdom or for each time period.

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