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Disposable Heroes Paper Minis now in Print


Precis Intermedia announces pre-printed fantasy paper miniatures.

Need miniatures for your fantasy game, but can't afford metal or plastic ones, or don't have time to print your own paper minis? Look no further. Disposable Heroes: Ready-to-Use Fantasy Miniatures includes a total of 640 color figures--4 each of 160 unique figures. Just clip out the ones you need, fold, and either insert into plastic bases or glue/tape. This means that you can have virtual armies without paying the high costs of metal/plastic miniatures. Each figure is labeled (1 to 4) to help keep track of duplicates, and is also numbered, so you can consult the included legend to quickly identify its intended purpose.

The figures are beautifully illustrated and colored by Rick Hershey, Yoosuk Chung, Thomas P. Reidy, Paulo Italo, Matt Drake, and David Hamilton.

Pre-order now and save $5.
This title ships this month, at which time the special price expires. Don't delay.

And to make your use of these minis even better, try our plastic stand-up bases. Eliminate the need to use tape or glue, and increase stability. Get 30 black bases for only $8.95.

Visit the Precis Intermedia web site for other roleplaying games and accessories.


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