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Author Topic: Deals roundup at amazon  (Read 65 times)


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Deals roundup at amazon
« on: September 14, 2022, 11:15:29 AM »
Deals roundup at amazon for Precis Intermedia titles. No way of knowing how long these specials will last, so grab them now if you're interested.

The Misty Isles (Wee Warriors Dungeon Kit 3) $10.10

Rune Stryders: Fantasy-Mecha RPG $18.21

Dark Horrors & Hidden Places (Scenematic Edition) $11.51

The Intercosm: A Supplement for HardNova 2 $6.12

Story Engine Plus Edition $9.66

Bloodshadows (Classic Reprint): A World Book for MasterBook $9.54

Stormrift RPG $13.22

Steampunk Musha: An Alternative Game Setting for Iron Gauntlets $8.29