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Author Topic: Days of Darkness Sale  (Read 84 times)


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Days of Darkness Sale
« on: January 20, 2023, 12:21:38 AM »
Days of Darkness sale at DrivethruRPG

This month the Red Room released Wretched Darkness, the best mature horror OSR game ever (as far as we know, it is also the only one…). That’s why, until the end of January, you will find most of our horror-themed scenarios at a 25% discount.
World of Bastards: Daughters of Darkness

Deviants & Dirty Deeds Issue 2

Resort of the Dead

Double Feature (The Old House, A Sweet Serenade)

The Sisters of the Seven Sins

Orpheum Lofts

The Memorial

The Goat Lady

Something Wretched This Way Comes


In the Mouth of Hell

Coldheart Canyon

The Bastard King