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Author Topic: Crafty Games Makes Deal With Mongoose Publishing...  (Read 1122 times)


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Crafty Games Makes Deal With Mongoose Publishing...
« on: March 16, 2006, 09:36:55 AM »
Crafty Games, the brand new company created to take over and produce Alderac Entertainment Group's Spycraft RPG line, has made a deal with Mongoose Publishing for publication and distribution of uncoming Spycraft releases.

Alex Flagg reports on the AEG message boards...

Quote from: AscentStudios
Yep, Crafty's books (including the second printing of 2.0, World on Fire, Ten Thousand Bullets, and others) will be printed and distributed through Mongoose Publishing (though creative control and production will remain entirely in-house). Their sales network gives us a chance to reach new markets and their growth over the last few years has been nothing less than astounding. We look forward to working with Matt and his team, and have high expectations this will be a fruitful partnership :) More soon.
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