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Content Secured for MODERNIZED Issue #4


The fourth issue of MODERNIZED is due out April 24th. Here are the articles that will appear therein:

"Mythitech," Items of interest for your arcana-infused modern games. By Walt Robillard.

"Morgan & Associates, Booksellers," a seemingly-normal bookstore steeped in the occult. By Nathanael Christen.
"Future Armors," new protection using technology normally reserved for starships and mechs. By Shane O'Connor.

"Jesus of Mecha: Rebirth," the second half of last issue's short story. By David S. Gallant.

"Review: Mythic Heroes," how does this supplement from Bad Axe Games stand up? By Frank J. Eastman.

Also, "Space Armada," a tabletop minigame from Bad Baby Productions, will be bundled with this issue.


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