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Author Topic: Colonel Bull's Body - a Savage Worlds adventure now available  (Read 60 times)


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Colonel Bull's Body - a Savage Worlds adventure now available
« on: November 07, 2021, 11:33:09 PM »
Dragonlaird Gaming has just published Colonel Bull's Body.

"You’d have to be brave, foolhardy, or desperate to cross the Mississippi and enter the Ghost Lands. Perhaps your character is all three. When you learn that you’re named in the will of Colonel Horatio Bull, you can’t ignore it. Assembled with strangers from the fringe of society, your task is simple: divide up the inheritance among those who travel west and bring Colonel Bull’s body home.

Of course, you may face attacks by the Native nations, betrayal and double-dealing from other Easterners, and even the ghosts in the land will seek to teach you the error of your ways. Survive all that to reach the town of Blackwater and you might find Colonel Bull after all. Bringing his body home is another story...

Colonel Bull’s Body is an adventure for Seasoned Savage Worlds characters. The story is told in Dragonlaird Gaming’s Six Guns and Ghost Lands setting and uses only the core SWADE rules but can be used with other popular supernatural West Savage settings.

Ride hard and aim true!"
Jim Davenport
Dragonlaird Gaming
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