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Campaign Cartographer 3 on sale Monday


Guest (Deleted):
Well, the long wait is finally coming to an end. As a long time CC2 user I've been eagerly awaiting the long list of features in this upgrade - which is a bit of misnomer because this is a rebuild of the program from the ground up according to the site. Transparencies and lighting effects, oh my.  The ability to import Dunjinni clip art, oh my.  We'll see how it goes.

In the past I've built the skeletons of my setting maps in cc2 since I can rapidly change viewpoints - it will be interesting to see how cc3 deals with some of these maps, one of which takes a full 10 seconds for my 3ghz dual thread processor to render. Other questions aren't answered on the site either - for instance does the program take advantage of increasingly commonly available graphics acceleration cards like Nvidia or Radeon?  I won't know until I test drive it and given my duties here and elsewhere it may be awhile before I can test drive it, but I am looking forward to a summer of map revisions to be followed by the 10th online anniversary of a certain setting.

So visit the site and take a look.


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