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Author Topic: Call for writers  (Read 790 times)


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Call for writers
« on: May 24, 2008, 06:21:45 PM »
Call for writers
Polymancer Studios has a long project for prospective writers
(MONTREAL)—If you are a talented writer with an interest in roleplaying games, then Polymancer Studios may have a long writing project to suit your skills.
The publisher of Polymancer┬« magazine is ready to launch a completely new  and innovative roleplaying game (RPG) rules system. Writers are being sought to create new campaign and source material for it. There is a list of premises and backgrounds that the company would like independent writers to explore.
Prospective writers for this project need to have the following:
A good imagination
The ability to describe in words, what the writer’s mind’s eye sees and make the reader experience what the writer can imagine.
The ability to work independently and under the supervision of a project manager online.
A good work ethic and a strong respect for deadlines.

About Polymancer Studios, Inc.
Polymancer Studios Inc. is a full-service printer, graphic design house, and publisher whose focus is on – but not limited to – the game hobby and entertainment industry. Polymancer Studios’s products include Polymancer magazine; the Polyglot™, newsletter; Mojo™, the Infinitely Convertible™ roleplaying rules system; and PUMMEL!™, the Pick-Up, Multigenre Miniatures, Easy to Learn fast-paced generic miniatures game.
Polymancer Studios, Inc.
20 Weredale Park
Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1Y6 (Canada)
514-667-1585 (in Canada)
310-928-3620 (U.S. West Coast)
617-381-4402 (U.S. East Coast)
Skype: polymancer