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Author Topic: Atlanta-class Carrier is now available!  (Read 51 times)

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Atlanta-class Carrier is now available!
« on: June 03, 2021, 08:24:16 AM »
The Atlanta-class Carrier is now available in PDF at the Independence Games webstore and Drive-thru RPG.


IG Webstore:

Prepare to launch fighters!

One of the largest ships in Earth Sector, the Atlanta-class carrier is the main capital ship of the Southern Alliance Navy. The Atlanta-class carriers are often the centerpiece of a strike group and stand ready to launch their fighters.

The Atlanta-class carrier is a 3800 tonne vessel which is heavily armed and armored.  The Atlanta also carries 50 F-40B Tomcat fighters and 15 B-44A Archangel strike craft.  In short, the Atlanta is prepared for action.

This book contains full deckplans for the Atlanta prepared by our starship guru, Michael Johnson.  This is accompanied by beautiful art by fan favorite Ian Stead.  Inside this book, you will learn about the Atlanta, its history, and its future.

Also included is full information concerning the F-40B Tomcat and the B-44A Archangel.

In addition, new rules are included concerning small craft weapons such as missiles, rapid fire railguns, lasers, and particle beams.

Climb aboard and join the action!

John Watts
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