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Author Topic: Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture v3  (Read 49 times)

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Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture v3
« on: January 06, 2022, 09:21:10 AM »
The third edition of The Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture is here!  It is now available at Drive-thru RPG and at the Independence Games webstore.

IG Webstore:


For those who have purchased the previous editions of this book, be on the lookout for a special discount in your email which will give you a significant savings to upgrade to this version.

Your project gets the green light!

Currently the largest ship building company in Clement Sector, the Anderson and Felix Shipbuilders Company was started on Hub in 2299 by Jamie Anderson and Reynaldo Felix. Both Anderson and Felix brought to Clement Sector their considerable expertise and experience constructing space vessels for travel between Earth and the Earth Sector colonies.  And now that expertise is in your hands!

Ranging from tiny ten tonne work pods to massive armored system defense monitors, the space ships of Clement Sector are as varied as the crews that operate them.  The book merges the adventure class ship and capital ship design sequences into a new design sequence that allows for better design flow.

This third edition of The Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture provides the tools for a naval architect to design everything from small craft to huge in-system ships, traders, or capital ships. They can install the latest Zimm Drive technology to allow the ship to transit interstellar distances, use gravitic maneuver drives to cover insystem travel, or “ride fire “on a reaction drive ship that uses spin gravity to provide for crew comfort. They can also design low technology missile armed warships or capital ships bristling with high energy weapons and ship killing torpedoes.  In addition, the Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture gives you additional choices for FTL drives such as the Stardrive, the Slipdrive, and the Alcubierre Drive which, while not present in the Clement Sector setting, can be used for other settings or your own.

The third edition of The Anderson and Felix Guide to Naval Architecture also provides advanced rules for starship combat.  Take your designs against one another and allow them to fight intense battles which still allow for character involvement.

In addition, our starship guru Michael Johnson provides a primer on creating deck plans in which he shares his knowledge and experience to aid you in the creation of your deck plans and designs.

Your tools await you!
John Watts
Independence Games (formerly Gypsy Knights Games)

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