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Author Topic: [Ad] Simulockrum - RPG Lockpicking Mini-Game  (Read 114 times)


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[Ad] Simulockrum - RPG Lockpicking Mini-Game
« on: June 15, 2022, 01:48:48 AM »
The lockpicking skill is irrelevant. Only rogues take the skill. Rogues always maximize the skill. No other classes even bother looking at it. Out of combat, they take 20 and see if the DM has the Plot Lock engaged. In combat, they get to make one pass/fail roll and browse their phone for 10 minutes until the next turn.

For your consideration... the Simulockrum.

Imagine holding a small box in your hand and having eight lockpicks at your disposal. The party is depending on you to get that door open while they fend off the monsters. Starting with your favorite pick, you slide it into the keyway and hear the clicks of the magnetic pins and feel the vibration. From that, you deduce the first pin is likely positively oriented, then select the next likely lockpick to further narrow down the combination. Suddenly, the lock turns in your hand and the party is free!

The device:
- There are four locking pins that can be easily re-keyed into any one of sixteen possible combinations, so you can reset and present a new puzzle in seconds.
- The Simulockrum is useful for streaming as well - all the player needs to do is randomize the locking pins on camera, then start working while the party tackles a timed encounter.
- It has a visually impaired friendly design. Each lockpick has divots on the side corresponding to the magnet pattern.

How can you use it in a game?
- Timed Challenge:  Start the stopwatch on your phone and let the rogue pick the lock in real time. Roll a skill check and subtract that value from the number of seconds they took. For harder locks, halve the skill check. Easier locks, double the check.
- Deductive Challenge: Roll a skill check. In D&D, if you roll in the 20s, you get two tries at the combination. If you roll in the 30s, you get to try three. Or you can use the number of successes in alternate game systems.

This lets ALL character classes attempt to pick a lock. The rogue is just better at it - both in real life and in game terms - but there's a one in sixteen chance the party tank picks the right lockpick on the first try. Cross training for lockpicking also matters for once!