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Author Topic: A huge new sword & sorcery adventure is now available for 5th Edition D&D  (Read 97 times)


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    • The Chronicles of Aeres
We just published The Doom that Came to Astreas, a sword & sorcery flavored setting primer and complete adventure for 5E!

Set against the backdrop of a cursed isle in a savage age, the Doom that Came to Astreas sees a party of legendary heroes strike out to unshackle the land from the thrall of a dark Sorceress Queen. Take up the mantles of pre-written kings and queens of Astreas, or, choosing from four distinct races, make your own flavorful hero. Eldritch abominations, cursed catacombs, and unceasing hordes of bestial monsters await you as you navigate the wastelands of Astreas... and you're running out of time!

Like the Chronicles of Aeres, "Doom" is a love letter to all the sword & sorcery/pulp fantasy media we grew up with, and an homage to some of the 2nd Edition AD&D games we played as teenagers. It was written to help introduce old-school sword & sorcery concepts to a modern 5E audience, and thus, it's a combination of a structured, epic quest with light hexcrawling, a bit of open-world exploration, and a few new rules to help complement the theme (like morale for all monsters).

Check it out here! Our previous books have also been slashed in price if you want to get caught up!

(This is the first release, and there could be a few minor tweaks over time, but it's more or less edited to the best of our ability. Print copies are coming soon!)