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Author Topic: A Home Reforged - A dwarven-themed OSR Zine coming in kickstarter  (Read 52 times)


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Hello to the group! We're a duo of game developers from Greece and this is our first ever project which will come to Kickstarter in a couple of weeks.

A Home Reforged is an OSR setting with a focus on dwarven adventures, contained in a 60-page zine format. Its world thrives within the caves and tunnels of the Deep Underground, as the players are called to survive in a hostile environment. The further they push though, the greater their reward will be.
While the game is heavily influenced from David Black’s The Black Hack, its core concept is based on original rules, so no other product is required to play.
Designed with compatibility in mind, every rule in the game can be easily converted to your table’s preferred system. The game’s original rules compliment each other in such a way as to create a unique dwarven experience, but each of them could be used by itself in your own campaign.

Please give it a look <3