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40% off The Nightmare War Campaign Setting!


Old Kingdom Games is pleased to announce that our full color campaign setting - The Nightmare War (d20 System) is now available for only $8.99!

That's a discount of over 40% on our cover price of $15.00.

If you haven't already purchased your copy, there's never been better time!

Possessing the form and memories of a human life and the elusive nightmares of a truly alien past, you must contend with a new life as something more than human. The Nightmare War explores the desperate battle for survival in a near future earth.

A 'stand-alone' campaign sourcebook for players and games masters - pit your characters, cursed with a terrifying alien legacy, against malevolent forces intent on their utter destruction. In the world of 2035, the Nightwalkers struggle to survive and to understand what they have become; and just what it is that hunts them.

The Nightmare War illustrates a conflict fought in the shadows including in-game world information, five new character classes, dozens of feats & skills, new technology, antagonists & allies, over a dozen NPC classes, 6 new character sheet, and tools for running a single story or entire campaigns.

* Click here to buy for only $8.99 at
* Click here to buy for only $8.99 at
* Click here to buy for only $8.99 at


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